Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Late Night Thoughts - Studying Overseas?

Hi guys,

It's been quite a while since I've updated. Also, it has took me by tonnes of hesitance contemplating on whether should I be penning down my rants/feelings/thoughts here.

And so here I am. I've decided this is a fairly good space to start penning down my thoughts so that I can reflect back onto my thoughts and perceptions in the near future. Just a brief update on my life so far -

;I have been in the UK for almost 6 months so far and it has definitely been one of the major downfall of emotions in my life. I faced countless rejections, failures and obstacles that led me into a smear depression last December. It was by far my darkest moment that I'd ever need to encounter. The lonely nights where no one is there for you, the repeated times where nothing seems to be going well, the time and effort spent on friends/company that aren't worthy, the countless trials of pushing your limits to fit in, the amount of times I had a panic attack where I see myself and being petrified over the fact and person I've become.

;Classes were dreadful because I am the only Asian in most of my lectures and tutorials. And finding the space to fit in is terrifying, but I'm trying. Adapting to the teaching patterns and education system in Cardiff is another challenge for me as this is my second year, there's no time for trial and errors. I had to buckle up and step on the gear in all my modules. I struggled in completing my assignments, which I didn't perform well in..... (which is why I was major stressed up)

;I got to know and meet a lot of new friends here. But close friends, I can say only about a handful of them? Nothing crazy and it's all cool the way it is supposed to be. My flatmates are relatively chill and nice people. One is Singaporean and another is British.

;I gained a lot of weight from all the late night binge eating on chocolates, biscuits and what not. A huge chunk of it are stress eating when I was feeling rather helpless and lost. Till it come to a point where eating was my way of releasing steam, and feeling like myself again. It was super unhealthy but eating was at least, calming. The battle of food and me was real.

;I had to deal LDR with my family and my boyfriend. Which it sucks, BIG TIME.  80% of the time I'm missing my parents, I swear. Not a day goes by without me thinking about my family and my boyfriend. And I'm thankful that technology and communication can be done so quickly at the speed of light. I wonder how would I survive going through the hassle of posting snail mails/replying emails. Things were fairly good for me and my boyfriend as we are in the UK, I still get the chance to meet him every now and then. Which I need to further emphasize, it is therapeutic and he keeps me sane by remembering me of the person I was and still am.

;Finances. Oh how can I forget about this? This made me feeling so uptight in the first few months spent on necessities needed to settle in. The habit of converting GBP into MYR each time I stumble on something I like. And learning to budget around the expenses of groceries, holidays, transports, necessities, fees etc. was a whole lot to juggle around. I'm glad now that it's over and I have proudly "mastered" my spendings and not splurging on impulse.

;Time. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel time literally, flies. Even more so if you have errands to run, like going to the city or going out to meet a friend over lunch. I can confidently say, your day is partially gone. A trip to the city takes 30 mins, spent walking around and back takes approx 3 hours at minimum. I can briefly summarize my day for you in 24 hours - Wake up (10-11am), attend classes, cook lunch, classes, cook dinner (7-8pm), watch shows/update my life, study (i try to), sleep at the wee hours of 2/3am? And this is just a normal weekday. Let's not go to the days where I have plans..... Not only 24 hours a day is never enough, I've survived a few sleepless nights and immediately regret it after :P

;Weather. This never happens back home in Malaysia because the luxury of driving a car exists. But not here in the UK, in specific Cardiff situated in South Wales, the weather is just madhouse. There's rarely any sun, and when there is, Hallelujah. Because most of the times are gloomy, cloudy, dull, sick, blanket-covering-up hobo weathers. Not to mention, the worst kinds of weather where rain goes on and on the whole day, strong winds that can mess up your good hair days and overturning umbrellas. Basically, our daily agendas goes around the weather. If we've made plans for that specific day, and it decided to rain non-stop with blazing winds, we're most likely to cancel it. This my friends, is the sad and helpless life.

That's all from me for now. I'm actually impressed that I would've so much to say/write, but I'm glad I did. To sum it all up, it wasn't easy at all for me encountering the whole idea of "studying overseas" which I initially was eager and excited about. I still hate the quietness, the loneliness and worst of them all, the feeling of craving for companionship. Until today, I still have a slight bit of bitter. But of course, much much much better than how I were 3 months ago.

Pui Ee

Friday, June 13, 2014

Taylor Swift RED Tour Live In KL 2014

Was so privileged that I got to attend Taylor Swift's concert @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil on Wednesday :) 
Thanks a million Hotlink! For generously giving me 2 Red Zone tickets, T-shirts, Fan packs, with free lemonade and popcorn even on the day of the concert! Brought who else than my boyfriend ha! That boy is so lucky. 

Waiting at the drive-thru~ 

It wasn't as crowded as I expected it would be, we reached quite early around 7+!
ootd ; DIY Taylor Swift fan tee (courtesy of Hotlink) 
Unicorn high-waisted denim (Bangkok)
IPanema sandals

My plus one :)

We were seated quite front near the stage!! For the first time ever, I feel so VIP omg. Like literally daaaamn near.

And the show starts with~

Here she comes.... its freaking TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!

OMG That gorgeous hair, eyes, red lips of hers......

Wardrobe change~

Hellloooooo :)

 I Knew You Were Trouble~

Love Story~

Left our seats for the whole time, standing closest to the stage!!! Just a few metres awaayyy

The finale - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together~
This is the closest shot I took, gosh.
I'm so proud of my photo-taking skills that night, either way, she is damn photogenic!!

Ending the show with this champion pose. 

Can't believe I'd actually saw Taylor Swift in real life and what not, performing! Tho' could've been better if it was longer and I didn't dropped my camera :S
Taylor is so much prettier in real life, so minimal makeup (only eye makeup and lips), she was dancing, moving, changing outfits & instruments, singing, interacting with the fans non-stop for the whole time! 
Although I don't really admire her, but she is indeed a top-class performer and the show was amazing! Having some post concert withdrawal feelings now after writing this post lol

Ps: I would've enjoyed it even more if I didn't need to take photos, like fully "getting into it". But who doesn't take photos? lol what am I even talking. Its like wanting to take nice photos but at the same time wanting to enjoy the show without the hassle of switching between cameras to get the best bits of her.

Photos by me, my hand, my eyes, and my damaged camera. :'(
hope you enjoyed!