Friday, June 13, 2014

Taylor Swift RED Tour Live In KL 2014

Was so privileged that I got to attend Taylor Swift's concert @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil on Wednesday :) 
Thanks a million Hotlink! For generously giving me 2 Red Zone tickets, T-shirts, Fan packs, with free lemonade and popcorn even on the day of the concert! Brought who else than my boyfriend ha! That boy is so lucky. 

Waiting at the drive-thru~ 

It wasn't as crowded as I expected it would be, we reached quite early around 7+!
ootd ; DIY Taylor Swift fan tee (courtesy of Hotlink) 
Unicorn high-waisted denim (Bangkok)
IPanema sandals

My plus one :)

We were seated quite front near the stage!! For the first time ever, I feel so VIP omg. Like literally daaaamn near.

And the show starts with~

Here she comes.... its freaking TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!

OMG That gorgeous hair, eyes, red lips of hers......

Wardrobe change~

Hellloooooo :)

 I Knew You Were Trouble~

Love Story~

Left our seats for the whole time, standing closest to the stage!!! Just a few metres awaayyy

The finale - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together~
This is the closest shot I took, gosh.
I'm so proud of my photo-taking skills that night, either way, she is damn photogenic!!

Ending the show with this champion pose. 

Can't believe I'd actually saw Taylor Swift in real life and what not, performing! Tho' could've been better if it was longer and I didn't dropped my camera :S
Taylor is so much prettier in real life, so minimal makeup (only eye makeup and lips), she was dancing, moving, changing outfits & instruments, singing, interacting with the fans non-stop for the whole time! 
Although I don't really admire her, but she is indeed a top-class performer and the show was amazing! Having some post concert withdrawal feelings now after writing this post lol

Ps: I would've enjoyed it even more if I didn't need to take photos, like fully "getting into it". But who doesn't take photos? lol what am I even talking. Its like wanting to take nice photos but at the same time wanting to enjoy the show without the hassle of switching between cameras to get the best bits of her.

Photos by me, my hand, my eyes, and my damaged camera. :'(
hope you enjoyed!