Friday, November 29, 2013

Ausmat night - Rock The Bow Tie & Flaunt The Flowers

College officially ended for me with a graduation night at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, so here are some pictures to close this chapter of my life/year. :)
I'm once again glad I get to meet new friends while also getting closer with the old ones :) 

Was having "red-eye" the day itself, and I really look horrendous. People don't even dare to look at me :(
Wasn't abit of nervous/happy/"gan jiong" at all for Ausmat night (unlike my highschool prom last year), I guessed it's just because of the short time being in college, I didn't feel the need/necessity to look ultra glam or even buying any thing for the night.

I wore back my sister's formal dress. It was super tight okay!!! My waist was gasping for air the whole night, going to burst anytime haha. Did my own hair (just simply twist and clip back lol), did my own makeup *proud*, wore a pair of RM9 earrings and a barbie pink heels (lol I know, I dont have heels) and voilaaa!!!

The whole event/night was dull and boring to me. Food was bad. Sound system was equally bad. Only there for the good company and to see the lecturers :)

Yes, incase you're wondering...Yau Shen is in Ausmat too. 
I'm in the March intake and he's in January intake. We don't attend the same class. :) 

In the car :)

Met my girls at the lobby area :) Amelia and Su Ann <3

Yau Shen aka my handsome boy of the night :)
 Su Ann :) definitely shared lots of happiness and things in common with her. Blessed :)
Haaaandsome! :P
Jarald haha
My closest girls in college - Joanne, Amelia, Su Ann :)
With this crazy girl Joanne Lee, looking so pretty that night, she never fails to make everyone laugh :)
With Jarald :)
"Marvels" invasion? 
SS people - Ken Wing and Reuel
With pretty girl Su Yean :))
With my closest girl friend in Math class - Yi Enn :)

Mirror-fied puiee + mushi
I am gonna haunt you aand killll you

Ending this post with this.... Thank you Adrian.
Last year.
This year.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

To Arthur!!

Do you love my title? Hahaha that was what I heard on Arthurs Day at Sepang International Circuit! :)
Adrian had extra tickets and so being "kind" he offered me one and the others :)
I've been wanting to go to a concert that I would really enjoy for months!!! I simply wouldn't go to other concerts if I don't like the acts. So yeah, finally :) hehehe
This time around the acts featuring are The Wanted, All American Rejects and Five For Fighting.
If you ask me, I'll definitely say I'm there for AAR but The Wanted was wow. Stealing girls hearts with their voices and charm :X
The concert was amazing, crowd was dull and weren't as much as we expected! Enjoy the pictures! (Taken by my ipod, sorry for the quality)
At the entrance - stupid women security went and check our body...pull up our shirts, went in our bra and give it a wiggle. PFFT
Jie Xi and Jia Ni :)
Walking in~
More in~
Still walking in~
Reached!!! We were quite near the stage actually (about 8-10 rows) but my camera seems to distant itself... :/ 
Shann, Jarald, Adrian, Jia Ni, Jie Xi while waiting for the show to begin!
Five For Fighting! The singer was good, voice was so strong and melodious after so much singing, but it was boring after awhile...
So we camwhored!
The All American Rejects!!! AHHHHHH ❤️ They brought up the mood instantly! Very well performance :)
THE WANTED! 5 British boys, charming looks, superb voice, what more can I say?
Was eyeing on Max the whole handsome!
The Wanted was so good singing live! They sang all their hits from Walks Like Rihanna, to Heart Vacancy, to Glad You Came and many more :)
Us after the performance :)
All the acts came out to cheers "To Arthur!!!" LOL

AND THEN! Confetti shower!!!!! :') I love confettis!
Guinness also spent on fireworks too! :)

Definitely a great night it was :) with Max from The Wanted tweeting this picture! I can see myself hahaha!